Punch Software

Estimate your Landscape projects on the go!

No more surprises when you go to pay for your plants. Keep a running cost estimate of your plant selections as well as mulch requirements for your planting beds.

This tool is the perfect accessory to help you stay on budget for your landscaping projects. Use Landscape Quote to create an estimate as you look for plants or import a landscape project from the latest Punch! Home Design software. Your estimate will include an overall project estimate, plant total, mulch total and details for each plant and mulch bed.

Plant Estimates:

  • Each project has its own customized plant list
  • Enter a price and quantity for each plant
  • The plant list includes estimate totals for each plant

Mulch Bed Estimates:

  • Enter the area of your planting bed
  • Select the depth of mulch required in your beds (1-5 inches)
  • Chose how you will buy the mulch (bag 2 cu ft, bag 3 cu ft, bulk 1 cu yard)
  • Enter the price per unit

Import your Punch! Home Design Project

  • Plant list is built automatically from your design project
  • Quantities are automatically added for plants
  • Mulch bed list is created automatically
  • Area is imported for each mulch bed

Additional Features:

  • Print your landscape estimate
  • Share your landscape estimate via e-mail

Import estimates from Punch! Home Design products.

Compatible with the following Punch! Home Design products:

  • Punch! Home Design v17 products
  • Punch! Landscape Deck & Patio NexGen3 (v16)
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