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Punch! Software offers some of the most extensive interior and exterior home design tools on the market - 2D floorplans, 3D digital renderings, virtual walkthroughs, thousands of 3D objects, and the list goes on and on.

And because you can do so much with Punch! Software, we've started to assemble all of our best home design tips, resources, and videos to act as a guide or friendly assistant when designing and building your new home, outdoor space, or remodeling an existing room.

Video Tutorials

Our comprehensive library of video tutorials covers everything from navigation and topography tools, to 3D objects, to creating an HVAC system inside your 2D or 3D home design. Whatever topic you're curious about, you can be sure to find a video covering it.

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Punch! Forum

The Punch! Home community is a group of architects, designers, hobbyists, and home enthusiasts all looking to help out their community. There are hundreds of topics and questions that have been asked and answered, and if you have one yourself - registering and posting is easy.


Home Design News, Tips, and Tricks

Relevant industry trends, best practices, fun project ideas, and home design insights that will be invaluable as you work on new and different designs.

The Kitchen Design Triangle

Common Room Sizes

Design Small Spaces

Remodeling vs Rebuilding

Building Golden Years

Design Landscape Outdoor Space

Deck Porch Outdoor Design

Practical Bathroom Design Tips

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