Punch! Software Practical Tip #3

Punch! Software Practical Tip #3

Do more using handy tips from expert user Patricia Gamburgo, author of Learning Punch Software®: Training, Tools, and Tutorials.

The Workspace

By default, the projects in Punch! The software appears on a flat workspace or "virtual lot". It's easy to adjust this 200'x 200' space to fit the characteristics of your real lot. Choose to create your topography for space for either before or after the development of the house.

Your Property

Define your lot with the Property Line Tool (Landscape Tab), which inserts inside of the workspace: no need to resize your workspace to fit. The Property line is just a line in the floor plan and is invisible in live view. Add a fence for more realism.

Sloping a Section of the Lot

A walkout basement is a very popular feature for lots with sloping front and back levels. Use the Slope Lot Section Tool (Landscape Tool) to create this pitched terrain. First, draw the extension of the slope. Next, in the Tool Options bar, define the elevation of the starting point of the slope (highest point) and the descent angle. Adjust these to fit the levels of your project.

Creating Topography Lines and Shapes

These options are perfect to model the terrain. If you import a CAD topography map, just click on each line and convert it to a topography line, assigning the desired elevation. Manually trace your topography curves using the Topography Line Tool (Landscape Tab).

Some Tips

  • To get better results in 3D, after you define the lines, shapes and elevations, set the Patch Resolution and Generation Quality in the Lot Properties menu.

  • The elevation of the topography elements is referred to as the working elevation.

  • Save time and computer resources: after you define the elements, use the Update Topography Grid (Design Menu) in the 2D screen.

Watch for our Next Tip: Designing the Exteriors coming soon. Learn about landscaping, exterior spaces and more.