Tips and Tricks – Dimensioning Tools

Tips and Tricks – Dimensioning Tools

In this article, we will explain the uses of the different dimensioning tools in Punch! Home Design software products.


Dimensions are used in architectural drawings in order to ensure that items such as walls, columns, doors, windows, openings, stairs, and other particulars are correctly located for construction.  When inserting dimensions into your drawing, dimensions also generally follow certain standards in terms of how they placed when displaying a distance. For example, from the center of one wall to another or position of the dimension distance or angle relative to the dimension line.  Punch! products all allow for defining different dimension standards..  Note, dimensions are only able to be added when working in a 2D view in Punch! 

Dimension Wall Spacing
This tool creates a perpendicular dimension line that is ideal for measuring the distance from one wall to a parallel wall, or object.
This dimension must start at a wall but can end at any point or object.

Zero Offset Dimension
Creates a dimension line between any point, surface, or object. Even at an angle.

Offset Dimension

Creates a dimension line between two points or objects, and lets you offset the dimension that is displayed.

Length Dimension
This tool is ideal for measuring the length of a segment.

Diameter Dimension
This tool will add a dimension line across a circle.

Leader Dimension
Annotate a specific object or aspect of your design by adding an arrow, and text.
If you place a leader dimension on an object, then the objects description is automatically detected and added as the dimensions text. The text can be changed by double clicking on the text.

We hope you can see how adding manual dimensions, will give your plan that added professional touch.