Tips, Tricks & Product News How to import additional materials into Punch.

Tips, Tricks & Product News How to import additional materials into Punch.

So you have drawn your plan and now it’s time to add materials to your 3D view in order to add more realism or photorealism to your design..
The program offers over 3000 materials, but sometimes you may not find the specific material you would like to use.

No issue, in this blog we will tell you how to import additional materials into Punch.
Once these materials are imported they can be saved into your user library, and be reused on other plans.

An easy way to find additional images to bring into Punch is to do a "Google Image" search.

Example: "Seamless siding texture"

Note: Seamless means when the images are added side by side, or on top of each other there is no seam.

Save the Image that you found to your computer.

Open your plan
File > Import > Material to Library.

The Open dialog box isdisplayed.

Find the file you want to import and then select it. A preview window is displayed.

In the Material Preview section, you can view what the tiles will look like when they are stacked, or if they are side by side.

We will go with the default settings.

Seamless Options control the seams on the edges of the material:

Horizontal blends images along their sides;

Vertical blends images along the top and bottom;

Both blends the image horizontally and vertically;

None does not perform blending on the material.

Blend Options control the distance and intensity of the blended edge.

A lower blend option concentrates blending at the edges of the image.

A higher blend option concentrates blending across the entire image.
You can choose a predefined option or select Custom Blend to specify the distance and intensity.

Filename and Description define the name and description of the material.

Size values control the width and height of the material.

You can enter specific values for each direction or select the Stretch checkbox direction to automatically stretch the material in that direction to cover the surface where it is applied.

Transparent Black checkbox designates all black areas (RGB=0,0,0) of the material image as transparent.

Library Location specifies where you want to import the material. You can

choose an existing User Library category or sub-category or click the New button to create a new User Library category or sub-category.

Set the material options you want and then choose the Library Location where you

The last step is to open your 3D view and add the material.

want to save your new material, then click OK

This will add the materials into the user library.