Tips, Tricks & Product News "PhotoView Explained"

Tips, Tricks & Product News "PhotoView Explained"

Note: This PowerTool is not included in the “Express” version.

Punch! Home Design Software lets you import a digital photograph or a scanned image of your home and then create landscaping in front of the image.

You can even place an imported image of your own background to use as a backdrop, so when you look out of the window of your home, you will be able to see the Image!

Today, let's start with adding some landscaping in front of this Image.

First, we will need to prepare the Image prior to bringing it into Punch.

Crop the Image as close to the house as possible.
Open the Image in some 3rd party photo editing software, and paint everything black (Mask) except the house.

Masking is the process of separating an image from its background.

Whatever we paint black (mask) will be invisible once inside of Punch.

Save the masked Image as a Bmp or .Jpg

Ok lets bring bring our masked image into Punch.
Open Punch and start a new plan.
Hit the “Continue” button on the “QuickStart” screen.

In the top left of the screen select
Design > Launch PowerTools > Photoview
Hit the  “Launch” button.

You will get the Open window asking where your Image is.

Select your masked Image and then hit the open button.

Next,  we will get the “PhotoView” properties windows. Here we can type in the height and width of the house so everything will be to scale.

Once imported, you will see a line across the screen. This is an overhead view of your Image.
Open the 3d spit screen.

On the right, you will notice what you painted black is now invisible.
On the left side of the screen we drew in our flower beds. We also drew in a driveway, a sidewalk, and added in some plants.

Our final step is to bring in another PhotoView image and use it as background.


Design > Launch PowerTools > Photoview
Hit the  “Launch” button. Select your Image and add it into your project.