Tips, Tricks & Product News Punch Software’s Fireplace Wizard

Tips, Tricks & Product News Punch Software’s Fireplace Wizard

Note: This tool is only in the Punch Professional or Arch Series (Windows) versions.

There's nothing like snuggling up in front of a toasty fireplace, with a blanket. Seeing the flames dancing around as you smell the wood burning, and hear the crackling sound it makes.

Punch includes a tool called the “Fireplace Wizard”.

This tool will allow you to design multiple types of fireplaces.

Once you have stepped through the Wizard you will be able to customize every aspect, and then add your materials or colors to create your perfect fireplace.

Launching Fireplace Wizard  

Open your plan

Click the Design menu > Launch PowerTool.

The PowerTool Launcher is displayed.

Select the Fireplace Wizard, then hit the launch button.

On the opening screen, you can select the type of fireplace that you want.

We will select a Masonry Fireplace (single room) and click on the next button.

Here we can modify the dimensions of the face, and firebox.

We can also decide if we want to include a Hearth or mantel. If we do decide to include these then we can also set their dimensions.

Once you have all of your dimensions entered, then you can hit the next button.

This will take you to the Chimney setup portion, where you can change the chimney, and firebox size.

Once you have these dimensions entered, you can hit the finish button.

This will take you to the final screen of the wizard.

Here you will be able to see the fireplace in 3D, that you created.

You will be able to walk around it or fly around it.

You can also modify the dimensions of the face, hearth, mantel, or chimney.

Once you have the dimensions correct, simply close the fireplace wizard.
It will ask if you want to update the current design.
Click yes

This will add your fireplace to your floor plan where it can be moved into place.

To modify the fireplace simply double-click on it in the 2D plan view. This will open it back up in the fireplace wizard.