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About Punch! Software

For home projects, customers rely on the innovative features of Punch titles. Whether for business or personal use, incredible speed and user-friendly interface make Punch! Software a winner. Punch! provides industry-leading home design software, landscape design software and architectural software, including:

At Punch! we want to provide the best software with the best user experience. The PunchSoftware.com website is quick and easy to use. Find old favorite titles and discover new ones too. Keep up with new promotions and special offers through Punch! email offers. It just takes a minute to sign up to keep in touch and save money, too!

Projects with Punch! Software

Make your next indoor or outdoor home project a success with Punch! Some of the most popular Punch! Software titles include:

Home Design Software

Intuitive tools from Punch! Software empower your approach to home design! Plan room additions, design outdoor living areas, remodel kitchens or baths with the latest designs.

See what landscaping will look best by importing a photo, adding plants and trees and watching them grow. No design experience is required. Exclusive Punch! Software technology enables you to drag and drop rooms in place, plus much more. It’s that easy!

Landscape Design Software

With thousands of plants, stones, pavers and other outdoor materials at your fingertips, designs come to life with just a few clicks of the mouse. Need Help? Punch! Software videos guide you through every step and can be easily accessed from your planning design project. Unsurpassed realism pulls your ideas together. Designing your outdoor living space is easy and fun!

Architectural Software

Plan your projects to be successful from the start. Begin with Punch! Software titles. Whether the project is large or small, Punch! has the design tools you need. Remodel, refinish or construct any indoor or outdoor project with the precision and ease you need to get the job done.

The possibilities are endless. Take your design to new heights and build up to 20 floors with Punch Architectural Series 17.7.


Punch! Software launched in 1998 with the premise that 3D design software should be just as fun as it is productive to use. The first Punch! Software Home Design Complete released later that year.

With more than 3 million units of its Mac and Windows products sold via retail stores across the world and online, Punch! Software ranks as a best-selling home and landscape design retail software brand in the U.S.

About Encore Software Inc.

Encore is a leading interactive publisher and developer of PC and Mac software. As a result of key licensing and development partnerships, Encore offers a wide range of best-selling print, productivity, home design and entertainment titles. Principal brands include Broderbund’s The PrintShop and PrintMaster, Hoyle, Viva Media and Punch! Software.

Publishing channels include all major North American retailers and worldwide digital distribution. Encore also sells direct to consumer through its managed sites:

Encore is a Wynit Company and is located in Eden Prairie, MN.