Available In Deluxe and Professional

The Print Shop software is the perfect resource for all your business, creative, and advertising design projects.

Deluxe $49.99
Professional $99.99

Impressive Design Projects Made Easy

Created for the home office, The Print Shop is ready to help you make some design magic. Packed with tons of easy-to-use text, photo editing, and page layout tools, it also has over 4,800 pre-made design templates and over 193,000 pieces of clip art and photos at your disposal to create impressive projects to suit any taste.


Start by selecting a template or creating a new design from scratch


Customize and make it your own. Change font, color, photos and more


Print, Publish and Share with your friends, customers and colleagues.

Over 4,800 Pre-Made Design Templates

Over 193,000 Clips Art Images and Photos

Achieve Eye Catching Results

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Certificates & Awards
  • Newsletters
  • Calendars
  • Direct Mail
  • Fliers
  • Letterhead
  • Labels
  • Posters & Signs

And so much more!

Your Small Business Partner

We understand that small businesses and small business owners have to stretch their resources farther than most. That’s why, when we create each new version of The Print Shop Professional, we pack in the most advanced advertising design tools and printing solutions for an affordable price. The Print Shop Professional has tens of thousands of images, art pieces, and templates that can be used for a multitude of business related projects. And if you have any questions, our forums moderators are eager to assist.

Powerful Photo Editing and Design Tools

If you need a custom look and feel to a project, The Print Shop has you covered. Easily import personal photos and color correct, crop, and alter them in any way you need to elevate your design. With our easy design tools you can add your own shadows and gradients, as well as build frames with our custom border maker.

Erase Blemishes

Erase Wrinkles

Remove Red Eye

Whiten Teeth

Color Correction

Image Cropping

  • Edit Shapes

  • Gradients

  • Guides

  • Eyedropper

  • Shadows

  • Transparency

Frames and Borders

Extensive Text Features and Tools

Impressive Headlines

Add some pizazz to your headers with text effects like gradients, drop shadows, block letters, 3D effects, text in shapes, and more!

Create and Save Custom Text Styles

Create and save custom text formatting styles to use wherever you need to make reformatting easy.

All the Printing and Publishing Tools You Need

The Print Shop supports a variety of printers, paper sizes, and duplex printing. Save and share as a PDF, publish to HTML (website, social media, email), and print professionally.

Manage Your Contacts

Store addresses, phone numbers, and special dates. Simply add the contact fields right into your project.

Ready-Made and Blank Including Greeting Cards, Postcards, Banners, Stickers, & more

Greeting Cards

Recipe Cards


Business Cards

Disc Labels


Name Tags

Shipping Labels

Which Version of The Print Shop is Right for You?

Print Shop Deluxe $49.99
Print Shop Professional $99.99

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