Novato, CA – October 25, 2022 –Punch! Software, the leader in home design software for over 25 years, announced today the release of its latest version of Punch! Home and Landscape Design.  The new version 22 has added numerous new features and improvements that users will appreciate. The Punch! development team continues to add the features that will make Punch! the software that beginners to professional can easily use.  “We listen to our large user base and continue to value their suggestions and add the features that will benefit our existing and new users”, states Tim Olson Vice President of Punch! Software.

Punch! Home and Landscape Design v22 new and improved features include:

New Photo Rendering Engine (LuxCore)

The new photo rendering engine is a physically based rendering (PBR) solution exploiting state-of-the-art algorithms that simulate the flow of light according to physical equations. Also introduced are a new set of physically based materials with parameters based on the optical properties of metals, glass, matte, glossy, and transparent surfaces. PBR lighting and materials combine to produce stunning images of photographic quality.

Improved rendering times with responsive interrupt. Customizable rendering settings lets you control draft and final rendering time limits. Quality results in minutes instead of hours.
Wide range of lighting options. Drag and drop light effects onto any surface to create custom lighting designs such as light bulbs, strip lighting, fireplaces, neon lights. Gamma correction to help control brightness of the scene. Exterior lighting includes HDRI, sunlight, and skylight.

New Sheet Layout Mode

Sheet Layout Mode allows you to build a presentation of your design into construction documents. Set up multiple design views each using different scales and options. Create a custom sheet set. Easily add or reorder pages. Annotate layout sheet using variety of 2D cad tools, labels, schedules and dimensions.

Dimensions will automatically detect scale of a view and display correct measurement. Title block page allows you to create a title block displaying borders, company and customer information, etc. The elements on the title block sheet will automatically be displayed on all sheets of your layout.

New options for railing, decks and staircases

Included 16 new railing styles. Offset spindles, glass, wire, composite, and custom material sections. Easily create your own custom 3D post.  Unlimited railing styles and improved control over deck construction methods. Can now specify fascia height on decks, post width and height.

Improved control over deck construction methods. Can now specify fascia height on decks, post width and height. Option to set individual deck posts as support post that extend to ground.

New Glass Panes

Glass panes added to windows, doors, and skylights for more realistic look. Photo rendering using glass effect that replicates real life double pane window glass characteristics.

New 2D CAD Symbols

1146 new 2D CAD symbols added to library. Plus, enhanced control over symbol groups such as snapping, grouping/ungrouping.

Pricing and Availability

Punch! Home and Landscape Design ranges in price from $34.99 to $499.99  Upgrades are also available.

For more information, please call 800-334-0457