Tips, Tricks & Product News Punch Software Pool Designer

Tips, Tricks & Product News Punch Software Pool Designer

Note: This tool is only in the Windows versions of Arch Series, and the Professional versions.

Whether you like hosting pool parties or just taking a late night swim, its always fun when you have your own pool.

A new pool will, not only, give you a great place to relax with family and friends, swimming is wonderful low impact exercise, and a pool will certainly increase the value of your house.

Lets get started.

The Punch Pool Designer Power tool will allow you to make any shape of a pool. No matter if it circular or rectangular.

You will also be able to modify the depth of the pool in different areas of the pool.

You can also change the coping width, and add your pool equipment like skimmers , stairs,  filters etc.

Launching Pool Designer

Open your plan.

Click Design  > Launch PowerTool.

The PowerTool Launcher will open.

Select Pool Designer and then click on the Launch button.

The Pool Designer wizard window will open.

Creating  a Pool Using the Pool Wizard

The Punch! Pool Wizard lets you choose a pool shape from pre-designed Basic

Shapes, Advanced Shapes, and Above Ground shapes.

Basic Shapes

Advanced Shapes

Above Ground

Above ground pools do not have the “deep end” option.

We will start by  selecting a standard rectangular pool, on the Basic Shapes tab.
We have enter in the following values.

Click OK

Here we can add our ladders, steps, pool filtration, and modify the pools depth.
You can open the 3D view to see the pool while you are modifying it, to keep up on it’s progress.

Once the pool is designed to your specifications, simply close the Pool Designer.
It will ask you to save, and you will say yes.

The pool is now added into your design. Now it can be selected and moved into place.

If you need to modify the pool for any reason, simply double click on the pool and it will open back up in the Pool Designer.

Here are few examples of some completed pools.