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It’s Easy to Plan and Create Your Dream Home
When you create using our comprehensive set of 3D tools you'll have a 2D floorplan to go right along with it. Experiment with a new kitchen or office layout, a new room in your house, or design new landscaping next to your deck. The only limit is your imagination.
Photo Rendering Engine (LuxCore)
The new photo rendering engine is a physically based rendering (PBR) solution exploiting state-of-the-art algorithms that simulate the flow of light according to physical equations. Also introduced are a new set of physically based materials with parameters based on the optical properties of metals, glass, matte, glossy, and transparent surfaces.
Customize and apply drawing styles for any object or group of objects
Draw tool
DWF export
Importing options – OBJ, PDF, Sketchup 2022
Plus Many More Newly Added Features
Line & Pattern Styles • Format Painter for Cloning Objects • Antialiasing • Transparency • Annotation • Rich Text Formating • High Definition Printing
Getting started on your home design project is easy. Here are four ways:
QuickStart: Drag & drop individual rooms to easily create your basic floor plan.
Professionally Designed Plans: Need inspiration or an instant starting point? Utilize our editable house plans to fast track your design or browse them for room layout ideas.
Floor Plan Trace: trace a favorite floor plan, or use one you've sketched.
PhotoView: Take pictures of the inside or outside of an existing house and easily add design features and details.
Modern house
Advanced Design Tools Make Complex Transformations Simple
Auto framing
Auto Framing
Dormers & Gables
Double doors
Glass Panes
Sketchup bed
Sketchup Import
Compatible with new Sketchup formats and it's easier to edit objects within the program
Symbol Editor & Section Detailer
Create a library of symbols for building and construction details and annotate your drawings. Simply drag and drop into your design.
Build green
Go Green In One Click
Watch your design go green with design tips and objects; recycled glass counter tops, bamboo flooring and more! Make your home more energy efficient with new appliances or update your windows, doors and more!
3D Custom Workshop
Build virtually any object or modify existing objects from the library. Use photo-realistic materials including wood, fabric, paint colors, stone, brick, and more.
SmartWand™ Technology
SmartWand technology adds paint or other material applications to a specific wall, room, or your entire house, with one mouse click!
Material editor
Material Editor
Easily edit materials to customize your designs.
Cost Estimater
Generate a comprhensive list of materials and their cost. Also available as a handy mobile app.
Estimate costs
Intuitive Interactive Help
Help stairs
Brand Name Object Library
Endless possibilities! Thousands of 2D and 3D objects to choose from! Choose entire furniture groupings with simple drag and drop.
Choose from thousands of nationally recognized decorating materials including faux finishes, wood floors, counter tops, blinds and much more.
NEW and improved library is easier to use and faster to search.
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Home & Landscape Design Software
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Starting at $49.99